quickbrush My Must Haves
My 'work from anywhere' must haves

Yoga Ball Ergonomic Chair

After sitting at my desk every night doing work after the kids went to bed, I was finding that my back and neck were killing me. My chair was old and hard as a rock - it simply was not supporting my needs.  I decided to go for this alternative yoga ball chair (which can also double as an exercise ball) for my office. You can grab yourself one of these chairs here.

What I love about this chair:
+multifunctional + ergonomic. It engages the core and helps align the spine while sitting at my desk.
+comfortable - you can sit on the ball itself or sit on the ball with the back rest and wheels.

Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Slow Masticating Juicer

A juicer had been on my list for YEARS because I became obsessed with honey, ginger, turmeric shots and I wanted to create my own. At $4 a pop those shots get pricey! Then my dad sent my sister and I the Medical Medium book all about celery juice and it's benefits. I was all in. Since January 1st 2021 I've been starting my day with a cup of celery juice. You should try it! You can find this juicer here.

What I love about this juicer:
+it has minimal heat buildup so that it can extract the maximum immunity boosting and health enhancing nutrients, vitamins and enzymes.
+it has a specific cap for celery juicing that allows you to get the most juice out (aka all the benefits)
+15 year coverage on parts + performance
+easy to use and easy to clean up

Heavy Weight Ruled Lined Index Cards, White, 3x5

Yes - this is a picture of 3 by 5 notecards and this is probably my MOST favorite work from home hack second to sticky notes....and those are important! If you know Oranges and Skittles, then you KNOW how important this is. If you don't know Oranges and Skittles.....ohhhh girlllll please come read about Oola!

These are simple, standard notecards and when you are working towards living a life of balance and growth, you'll need a lot of these, trust me :) Grab some here!

Milk Frother Electric (hot & cold) Milk Steamer

Listen, this is THE best $ you've ever spent. Imagine warm frothy milk or cream on top of your coffee every single morning. Or how about an iced latte with foam on top in the afternoon. HEAVEN. This was dropped straight from the heavens and it has blessed my coffee. Can't wait till it can bless yours too - snag one!

What I love about this frother:
+super simple to use
+hot and cold frothing available
+easy to clean
+saves me money!


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