quickbrush About Me
finding comfort in the uncomfortable.

lead your own life, write your own rules,
love yourself more than anyone else,
and create your own opportunities.
Hello lovely! My name is Gwen Stasio. I'm a financial coach, speaker, business enthusiast and published authorI'm designed to pull resources, people and opportunities in so that I can master them and then turn around and teach them to others. I'm great at processing data, being mentally creative and inspiring others to think. Ask anyone who knows me, I'm pretty ruthless about only doing things in life that feel good. Everything just else isn't worth it.

You probably found me because you want your life to feel good ALL the time, not just some of the time. I'm willing to bet you've suppressed the real you for years and you're ready to let her fly free and see what she can create.

I gotta tell you, it feels really good. And once you get a taste of this freedom, you'll never want to go back. I can help you achieve all of that.

Back in 2015 when $15,000 of my salary was reduced from my salary, I discovered the real me. The one I had been pushing further and further away to fit in with society and not stick out. The one that knew this couldn't be it but didn't know where to turn. The one that suffered adrenal fatigue taking stress home from work and sacrificing relationships and time because of it.

It was then that I was introduced to an expanded and updated version of life that shifted my view of work and the world. I started learning how to make my own income so that I could be in charge of what money came in. I took control of my finances, paying down $25K in debt in just five months, and finally got clear on how to set myself up for financial wholeness. I created new habits and took new daily actions that allowed me to achieve a more balanced & abundant life.

A lot of women can see themselves in my story and I'm passionate about helping them break through the limiting beliefs holding them back so they can become inspired to dream bigger and achieve their financial goals. Because honestly, that's all it is, learning to let go of the beliefs that keep you small and adopt the ones that help you grow into the best version of you.


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