The perfect money plan....

The perfect money plan....
Funny story.....

A few weeks back I posted a REEL about finances on instagram from inside my jeep.

A person commented "What's it like to take money advice from a girl who drives a $30,000 jeep?"

Thankfully I've grown out of the phase where I would cower in the corner and wonder what was wrong with my post or even consider taking it down.

Instead I replied back and said "What's it like to comment on someone's life choices when you don't know the whole story?"

Because here's the thing - authenticity is kind of my thing. I take my friends and family and followers on my journey with me. 

And my people know that the only reason I'm here teaching others how NOT to mess up their finances is because I messed mine up and learned how to get out. And I knew that there were many more women like me who needed guidance and help.

In 'Money, baby!' we already have women who have paid down massive amounts of debts (I'm talking paid off 3+ credit cards), bought a home for the first time, opened up their first investment portfolio, signed up for their retirement match at work, know exactly how much they need in retirement and how to get there, and figured out how to use their HSA as another investment tool.

The thing about life is that we have the opportunity to learn from our missteps (I don't believe in mistakes) or not. We have the opportunity to re-evaluate and choose a different path if we didn't like where the last path led us.

So don't let anyone knock your choices. Don't let people who have no idea about your life tell you what you should or shouldn't do. The absolute best thing you can do is to listen to your gut - your body will tell you what to do. 

So the fact that I drive a "$30,000 jeep" has nothing to do with the effortless money plans I help women create and step into. I have to wonder if the commenter focused more of their time on their own money choices, they wouldn't feel so inclined to comment on mine.

If you want to learn from someone who's been down and gotten out with a simple strategy, I'd love to see if 'Money, baby!' is a fit for you! Shoot me a message and let's chat....


3 ways to reach Financial Freedom faster

3 ways to reach Financial Freedom faster

Imagine one day you wake up and you don’t have to work any more.

Your investments are generating so much money that your money is actually producing more money than your salary.

In plain english, your money is making enough money to cover your expenses. This is also known as financial independence. 

Can everyone get there? YUP! 

You’re never too young to start, or too old to start.


First you need to know your rough FI number which is about 25x your annual expenses.

If you’re in my ‘Money, baby!’ program, you already know what your annual expenses look like.

So if your annual expenses are $40,000, 25x that is 1 million dollars.

That means you need 1 million invested in order for your investments to cover your basic needs.

Already investing? Great! You’re ahead of the game!

Want to have an idea of how long it will take?

Using the rule of 72 and an average annual return rate of 8%, your money will double every 9 years. 

If you are starting with $100,000, in 9 years you’ll have roughly $200,000. In 18 years, $400,000, 27 years $800,000 and 36 years you’ll cross the million dollar threshold at $1.6million.

What if you don’t have 36 years to wait? Or do you want to get there sooner?

Here are a few ways you can:

  1. Cut monthly expenses. 

  2. Make more money.

  3. Combination of both.

This will shorten the amount of time it takes you to get to your crossover point, but remember, you also want to enjoy the life you have. The great thing about all this is its your life and you get to decide how you want it to go and what goals you’re working towards.

At bare minimum - I want to help you be able to retire successfully when you want to retire and make sure you have enough invested to do so. 

Most people believe hitting some mythical number in their spreadsheet will ultimately = happiness. If you’re 100% clear on your values and what you’re working towards and also how you want to enjoy life today you’ll be all set!

If you're ready to take control over your finances and set yourself up with an effortless money plan, send me a message and let's see if Money, baby! is a good fit for you.


7 Steps to a Bright Future: A Pathway for Living the Good Life

7 Steps to a Bright Future: A Pathway for Living the Good Life

In this blog post, I will share with you 7 steps to a bright future: a pathway for living the good life. This is not about trying to make an extra $1,000 a year or getting that promotion; it's about how to create the best possible life for yourself and your loved ones. If you want more money, have better relationships or just feel happier in general-this article will help point you towards fulfilling those goals.

1. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish in your life- this is called manifesting your best life. It's not enough to just have a vision, you've got to be clear on HOW you're gonna make it happen too! The first step in creating anything you want out of life is deciding what that something actually looks like. It's no good just thinking "I want more money" or "I want to find love." You've got to be crystal clear on what that means. What would your life FEEL like if you had more money? What would it feel like if you felt endless love?

2. Figure out how much money you need for each goal and what steps are needed to achieve it - it's important to be realistic. One of my favorite quotes is "It doesn't matter how much money you need, just as long as you know what it is." I talked briefly about money today on my Instagram because there's so many people harboring limiting beliefs about money and I'm on a mission to change that! Money in the hands of good people will do great things! Of course, if you're a shitty person, your money will probably do shitty things LOL. 

3. Spend your time wisely - don't waste time on anything that doesn't contribute to your future goals or isn't fun. Every day is a freaking blessing - we just don't know what our timeline is. If we approach each day with the mindset that we are here to make the best out of the current day, then we will make the best out of every day we have. Recognize the work or the people that don't bring you joy and put a plan in action to change it. Write a list of everything you love doing. If you could create the perfect job (which you can BTW), what would it look like?

4. Ask yourself "What do I have control over?" and take small steps in order to reach your goals. There are many things we CAN control, and few that we can't. For example, you can control the amount of money you make, you can control the people you surround yourself with, and you can control how people feel around you. We can't control WHO our family is, but we can control how much time we spend with them. You may not be able to change your family situation or past events but by focusing on what's happening in the present and how it affects your future, you will start seeing things differently.  Evaluate the areas you have control over and the ones you don't and start to figure out your boundaries. 

5. Be grateful for the small things in your day. Things like someone holding a door for you, or letting you go in front of them in line. Start to acknowledge and take notice of these things and you'll find yourself attracting even more of it. The more we train our brain to look for the good, the more good there will be.

6. Don't be afraid of failure - learn from mistakes and keep going!  Mistakes are just teachings from life. I love that I can share my mistakes with you so that you can learn from me and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes I have. We only learn by doing and figuring it out. Remember that Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent electric light bulb. You can do anything you put your mind to and take action on. 

7. Decide today what you will change about your current situation and what steps you'll take to change! Feel free to leave them in the comments so we can cheer each other on.

Need a jump start? Start with the 28 to Elevate Challenge

Here for you!



Do I need a liver detox? Signs & symptoms your liver may be screaming for help

Do I need a liver detox? Signs & symptoms your liver may be screaming for help
Let's talk about the Liver on this #wellnessWednesday

My husband is a firefighter and I am well aware of the toxins he is exposed to on the daily and so is he but it's kind of one of those things that isn't talked about much. Well, it's talked about but no one ever talks about the daily things firefighters should be doing to stay healthy. 

Even a firefighter's "protective gear" is filled with toxins which is a catch-22 because it will keep them from burning in a fire, but also guess what happens when you are wearing this heavy gear in a fire, you're sweating and therefore your pores are wide open? Those toxins in the gear can easily enter the body through the skin. We don't even have to go into the toxins they breathe in.....ya'll know that's dangerous shit. 

So, we went to a new naturopath today and she reminded me that we should be paying more attention to my husband's liver and doing liver detoxes. She said "you've got to be so squeaky clean in everything you eat and do at home because what you're exposed to on the job is not good, and that's where the benefit of aromatherapy at home is going to be great for you. Even just diffusing daily you're already ahead of the game." OK great news! But I've never thought about doing a liver detox for him, so of course I had to research it. I'm hoping this helps you too, or someone you love.

So, let's chat about what the liver is and what it does so we can better understand it.
The liver is located under the right ribs below the diaphragm and is about the size of a football. Trivia: It's the largest gland in the body! 

What does the liver do? Well basically it helps flush toxins out of your system. It also has its own immune system (COOL!) that can aid in fighting off illnesses. But if it gets super duper gunked up and sluggish in performance, it won't function the way it's supposed to. Some believe that a poorly functioning liver could be the cause in a lot of the chronic illnesses we see today.  

This organ works very hard to filter out bugs like viruses and bacteria, as well as toxic heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. It also helps process and handle the things we eat, like fat, protein, pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Too much of any of these can weigh the liver down - even diets high in animal fat. These are just some of the things that can gunk it up, but the Medical Medium says there are hundreds of "liver troublemakers".

Ok so, what happens when the liver is not functioning properly? Metabolism will be negatively affected and there can be major hormonal imbalances in the body. This is just so interesting to me. It makes me think about the many friends who have had a hard time getting pregnant....could there be hormonal imbalances caused by a sluggish liver? What about those with migraines or chronic headaches.....? Are those things even addressed at regular doctors appointments?

Here are some other symptoms and signs you may need to (but I do believe we should be doing a cleanse twice a year):
-sensitivity to chemicals and odors
-bitter taste in mouth
-hemorrhoids or varicose veins
-consuming alcohol or recovering from alcohol abuse
-history of hepatitis
-history of drug abuse
-long term use of prescription meds or over the counter meds
-pain under the right rib cage
-aspartame consumption
-hormonal imbalances
-sugar imbalances (low or high)

So what do we do? Well there are many resources available (I've found) that address Liver detox.

The Ultimate Balance by LeAnne Deardeuff, DC  says that a yearly cleanse during the spring and summer months can help keep the liver healthy and clear of excess fats and toxins so it can function properly. I'm willing to bet those with jobs in which they are exposed to more toxins would require detoxing more often.

The Medical Medium has a whole book on the liver called 
Liver Rescue. 

We can also start with simple essential oils that are recommended for the liver like JuvaTone, ledum, lemon, grapefruit, coriander and emotional blends like Release, Surrender, Transformation and Forgiveness. Apply these over the liver, or on the vitaflex point for the liver or diffuse them daily. 

What we eat is uber important here too. Healing foods like celery juice daily, reducing fat intake, and making sure to drink plenty of water with lemon or lime, and tons of veggies. Another book I think everyone should read is Eat Right 4 Your Type a book about eating for your specific blood type, has been incredibly helpful for me in understanding the specific needs of my body.

When you are applying your essential oils, these are a few daily affirmations that will help:
I choose forgiveness.
I let go of past hurts and angers
I choose health and wholeness.
I am accountable for my actions and choices.
I am grateful for my teachers in my life.

Try saying them out loud or having them on a sticky note on your mirror to repeat daily.

I am not a liver expert nor am I a Naturopathic doctor. I am just a mom and a wife determined to live my best life but I am designed to do the work and the research and then turn around and bring it to you and I am here for that! I hope this is a helpful start to your health quest.



OH and P.S. if you're looking for some daily actions steps...a jump start on this path to health, definitely join my 28 to Elevate challenge where health tips, recipes, and accountability are changing the way people are living daily!

How to make more money

What's the difference between being ON a budget and having a budget? Do you have a green gap or a RED X? Let's break down a few simple steps to expand your GREEN GAP and make more money! Watch the video below to find out how:

Three different types of investments the. OOLA guys taught me have helped me grow a passive pile. And it is SLOW guys, it is slow. But hey, first step first you've got a green gap!  You're already in a better spot than you were before! Now you can save, invest & have fun with your money!

Investment 1: stocks, bonds & mutual funds
Investment 2: real estate - investment property
Investment 3: business - begin to look. differently at the word business here - network marketing is a business investment that has blessed my life (and my bank account). Look at franchises, ATM's, vending machines, etc. Keep your eyes wide open when it comes to business investments.

And be consistent. Set yourself up with a monthly budget. Know exactly where your money is coming from and where it's going out to. My favorite free budgeting app is the Every Dollar app.  At first it will take time setting up your monthly income and expenses but with each month it gets easier and easier. The process is simple, but not always easy :) Everyone can do this!

To find out more about GREEN GAP click on through to the Green Gap challenge here.

As always, I am here for you and I want to see you excel in life!  Reach out if you need me, go get your GREEN GAP!

xoxo, Gwen

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