Can You Really Trust Drinking Water?

Can You Really Trust Drinking Water?
but most of us aren't drinking enough!

Ok so what's the deal water? We've heard for YEARS how we need to drink 8, eight-ounce glasses of water a day. But why? And also, how come no one is talking about the quality of our water? Because we all know quality I right?

I know this isn't the most INTRIGUING conversation, but I can promise you that you'll respect water more after this and it will repay the love :)

As a very, very basic baseline you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces. The average weight of women over 20 is about 170 lbs so that means on average most women should be drinking 85 ounces of water a day. Now, if you're working out, your body needs a LOT more hydration than that. Why? Because we sweat and exert energy! It needs to be replenished.

Here are a few things water does for the body:
1. helps you poop! We're not beating around the bush here. If you have trouble in this department, leet this be your reason to drink more water. Water will lubricate your colon. Constipation or simply not going once a day - drink more water. You can literally say "bye bye" to extra waste more easily and more frequently. See, you're already winning the game of life!

2. Feeling bloated? I know it doesn't feel like it, but more water will make you feel less bloated. What happens is if you're not drinking enough water in the day, your body won't give that ish up! It holds on to any water because it knows you're not giving it any more. As soon as you start consistently giving your body more water, the body is able to flush out unneeded stores of water. It's like your body says "I trust you'll hydrate me" and so you do because bloat is for goats.

3.  Water lubricates your joints. This is important in everyday life but even more so if you're working out. Everything just flows better, bends better, and feels better. Don't you just want to feel better?

Alright so we know we can't just stick our head under the faucet and how do we know where to find the good water?

I'm not sure who exactly to blame and I don't think we can blame just one person/group but our drinking water sucks. Much of our drinking water has failed to meet state and federal safety standards. Many may be drinking unsafe water because the limits of allowed chemicals set by the EPA are too high, contaminants are unregulated OR their drinking source is too small to fit under the EPA guidelines. 

I mean I guess if you compare the US drinking water to other countries, our water might look pretty good! But there's still pharmaceutical run off, chemicals, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, petroleum, pesticides and much more sneaking in. And I know what we've been told to believe about fluoride is that we NEED it for healthy teeth. But if you want to do some more reading about fluoride, check this out.

AND THEN, I found out that although we're made to believe bottled water is a clean source of water, it's actually not true. Bottled water is just as contaminated and it's a waste on the environment. The quality of bottled water is unregulated so you just don't even know what you're drinking.
This is when I said enough and started to look for water filters that won't break the bank. I came across Berkey Water filters because I could have it on my counter, it wasn't super ugly, it works relatively quickly and it wasn't super expensive. I could pick it up and travel with it if I needed to and I like the idea of having that just in case we need it. Berkey does not add back in things like bicarbonate salts which the following two filters do.

Anyway, Berkey is not the only one, it's just the one we decided to go with. My point is, do your research. You can take a look at your state and see the unregulated chemicals detected by the EPA in your drinking water if you scroll down to the bottom of this page. And then decide to take action. 

Another option is Pristine Hydro which is a system that fits under the counter OR you can get a travel system and its said to remove 100% of contaminants including sulphuric and nitric acids and adds back in the bicarbonate salts like magnesium bicarbonate. Water the way it was when the Earth was pure :)

And also take a look at Kangen water. This filtration system filters your tap water and produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis.

Each system is different so do what fits you and your family's needs the most but definitely don't skimp on water.

Water is FOUNDATIONAL to your health - even if you eat well, get great sleep, remove all the other toxins from your life, if you're not drinking CLEAN water and enough water to fuel your body, the rest won't matter. 

Let me know if you have any questions!  If you want to join a tribe who's taking action to remove toxic things, come on over to our private community and learn the simple steps you can take to level-up your life!