self-doubt...what's wrong with me?

self-doubt...what's wrong with me?

Have you ever stopped to think about how many opportunities you've missed out on because of your own self doubt? Why do we let self-doubt stop us from doing things we want to do?

If you're like me, you've probably had a time where someone said something to you that made you doubt yourself; a remark, a comment, a response to something you said. And they could have said it just once, or it could have been repeated to you throughout your entire life (up until now). So let's break this down because I want to show you how to crush your self doubt. 

First things first - only you can write the rules of your success. You have to realize that other people's opinions don't get to shape who you are. 

Second, we all have that inner voice that says we can't. It's time to drown that out and say, we can. If you're feeling badly, change how you're feeling. Get up, go for a run, put some music on because the truth is you can't feel good and doubt yourself at the same time. Small, quick wins can do really great things for yourself esteem. If you're feeling self-doubt get something accomplished.

Finally, choose your peers wisely. You want to surround yourself with people that make you feel more, not less than. People who are going to support you and lift you up and boost your confidence. 

I hope you found value in some of those tips. If you're ready to join women who are already on the path to crushing their self-doubt, click the link below and join our free community. 

to your dream life,