Stop waiting for others to appreciate this instead!

Stop waiting for others to appreciate this instead!
Are you constantly on the go? Cooking, doing laundry, in the pickup line, in the drop-off line,
doing 5 million things in between all of your other tasks in the day. Only to crash into bed at
midnight, with a Netflix binge? Is this you?

There are days when you feel so exhausted and drained that it is all you can do to get through the
day. Appreciation seems like a dream that will never come true. But what if we told you it was
possible? What if there was an easy way to start feeling more appreciated right now?

Two years ago, I was in my naturopath's office. My diagnosis? Adrenal fatigue. I had gone from
never crawling into bed at the same time with my husband, to binge watching Netflix series into
the late hours of the night and resenting my husband for not being there for me, but also not
asking for help. I felt like I was doing it all and all I wanted to be, was seen and heard and have
just a little tiny pat on the back.

My first step, was sitting in my naturopath's office, and she allowed me to see that I needed to
appreciate myself first.

It had to start with me, and I had to start asking for help and reconnecting with my husband, and
reconnecting with those that I loved, so that I could create a life that was based around my
values, and show up happy every single day. And once I appreciated myself, then that allowed
other people to appreciate me.

Start appreciating yourself, and you will reap all the benefits that come with it. It starts by just
taking care of yourself first in small ways like drinking more water or going for a walk to start
feeling better about your physical self - but then also asking for help from friends, family, and
allowing others the gift of helping you.

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