how do I get unstuck in my life, career or relationship?

how do I get unstuck in my life, career or relationship?

“The hand you are dealt is just the starting point for development.” —Carol Dweck

A growth mindset is simply our belief that a set of skills can be approved upon if we put in the time and effort.
It’s not magic, and it’s certainly not luck.
But if we don’t exert the required effort, we remain stuck.

But how do you know that you ARE stuck? Everyone is different but I think it can show up as job/relationship/body dissatisfaction. It can show up as anger towards those around you who you see “succeeding”. If you connect with any of these, it might be a sign that you need to start working on growing your mindset.

A mind at rest tends to stay at rest while a mind in motion tends to stay in motion so let’s get moving!!!

Here’s my top tips for moving that mind:
1. Practice sitting in silence with your own thoughts (aka meditation). There is no right or wrong, no measurement of success here. Quiet time to think and reflect or just be will help grow your mindset.

2. So will exercise.
Walking, getting outside, any kind of movement for any amount of time is good for the mind. Just start.

3. Stop. Collaborate and Listen.
Start paying attention to your thoughts. When you catch yourself feeling jealousy or hate or even just judgment towards someone, ask yourself why. Is it because you wish you were in their shoes? Is it because you want to be as outspoken, liked or confident as they are? What’s the reason and listen real good. Then turn it around. Start telling yourself the story that you can. Start believing it because the mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and not and when you start feeding it the story you want, it will turn INTO your reality.

4. Keep notes.
Don’t just focus on the outcome - you must learn to appreciate all the steps along the way. You couldn’t jump to the top of Mt. Everest from the bottom just to say you made it! The steps along the way are what you learn and grow from. It teaches you resiliency and grit. It teaches you to not get ahead of yourself. It teaches you to grow.
Take five minutes nightly and write down a few things you did that day that are getting you closer to a goal. Be thankful for the ability to take those steps no matter how small.

5. Change your language and you’ll change your thoughts.
Start practicing with the word “yet”. “I can’t do that.” becomes “I can’t do that, yet.” Take the word TRY completely out of your vocabulary. Try is a safety net - it leaves room for you to duck out and not commit to you. To try is to fail. Just do and do it for you!

I hope this helps - it takes practice! Like learning to ride a bike or walk for the first time, it’s just one foot (or thought in this case) in front of the other every single day. And one day you’ll just notice that you just go there in your head. That you’re more confident, achieving goals, doing things you maybe never thought you could! Growth mindset doesn’t go away, it’s something you’ll carry on with you forever AND remember when I said it wasn’t magic? Well, it kind of is because it has this ability to jump from you to someone else. Watch how your circle starts to become enlightened and how it spreads like wildfire.

If you’re looking for a kick in the pants and you want a little challenge that will help you get going - click on over to our 28 days to Elevate challenge. It’s ready when you are!
Xoxo, Gwen

How Do You Create Habits That Stick?

How Do You Create Habits That Stick?
Ok guys, if you're like me, you've tried to. create new habits and mayyybeeee you hung on for a few weeks or a month or so but after that you quit.

Well I've learned some tips and tricks along the way that I want to share with you today because they've helped me so much. It could be a goal, it could be a habit you want to quit and replace with something else, doesn't matter - these 10 tips will help get you there.

If you love it, I would be honored if you shared it! Comment below your biggest takeaway and how you'll implement it in your life this year. If you want to

Take a listen to the video above, I share a few BONUS tidbits I think you'll want to start implementing today!

1. Start small! 
I want you to look for your BIG goal and then break that down into two tangible activities. Then take those activities, and break them down even further until you have small, tangible activities that can be done in a 12 week periods.

2. Know your excuses
We have all set goals and made excuses why we can't finish them, right?  Please tell me I'm not alone here! I want you to make a list of your typical excuses. Fold a piece of paper in half the long way and then on the left side, list our your excuses  - things like "I don't have the time" or "I'm not smart enough"....list them ALL out on the left side. Then, on the right side I. want you to write the exact opposite of that excuse. Hang it up and revisit it when you start to doubt yourself.

3. Write your goals down!  
writing connects them to your body. It's like your brain creates new neuraal pathways with thosee dreams and goals embodied. Make sure you can see them daily.

4. Don't evaluate daily or even weekly
Give it at least 30 days and then another 30. We all have things that happen in a day. to knock us off our course that are unavoidable. Best thing you can do is reset tomorrow and keep going. 

5. Remind yourself WHY daily.
Most of us quit around the 6-7 day mark, and if not there, around the 13-14 day mark of any new goal or habit. Why?  Sometimes we set our expectations too high, sometimes our goal or habit is too big to achieve in a 12 week period. If you can remember your WHY, you will keep going. 

6. Get a buddy!
Accountability buddies are KEY! Someone you can check in daily with.

7. If you're trying to kick an old habit, replace it with a good one!
For example, if your goal is to stop watching T.V. before bed, replace it with reading before bed. So instead of having a hole in your evening, you're filing it with something better. 

8. Do not expect perfection
Newsflash - NO ONE is perfect :) Going into your goals and habits knowing this will make all the difference.

I should have put this at number 1 - visualizing trains your brain because your brain doesn't know the difference between reality and not reality so you know whaat I say? Create the reality yourself!

Ok, so what do you say? Are you ready to tackle some new habits and goals for the year? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you'll be working on so I can cheer you on!

If you want more actionable steps on how to ELEVATE your year, join our 28 to Elevate group HERE 

xoxo, Gwen