work less, accomplish more

work less, accomplish more
Wouldn't it be great if you could work less and accomplish more? Like duh, yes!

If you're like me, you probably love crossing things off your to-do list, but sometimes that sense of accomplishment can be fleeting and exhausting.

So if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, let me show you how I get the most out of my day without wasting time:

Step one: Brain Dump.
This is a technique that has been used by many creative thinkers to get their thoughts and ideas down on paper in the most unrestrained way possible. Write it all down until you can't write anymore.

Step two: Organize.
This is a process called chunking, where you're looking at your items to see if anything is related. Can you put them into categories, like, these things belong to my children and my family, these items belong to my household chores etc.

Think about how can you make the process easier to group them together, so you know what to do first.

Step three: Prioritize.
When you look at your categories, can you star the items that are absolute musts?

These have to get done. Where some of the items are “shoulds” and can be put in a container to do later on.

It can be hard to prioritize when there are so many items on your list. When you see those must-do tasks, make sure they get done before anything else!

Step Four, Delegate.
This is where, looking at your list of tasks to do, you should ask yourself whether or not the task needs to be done by you personally and cannot be delegated in any way shape or form. So many things in our day can be delegated to others to take a little off our plate, things like laundry & food shopping. You'll likely have to release the need for perfection here (aka someone else will not do it exactly the same as you, but it will get done and that's all that matters).

Step Five: Be prepared.
This is simply knowing what needs to be done the next day.

This is the last step before you go to bed. Spend a few minutes thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow and plan out your day accordingly so that when it's time for work, you're already ahead of schedule with no worries!

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