How to make more money

What's the difference between being ON a budget and having a budget? Do you have a green gap or a RED X? Let's break down a few simple steps to expand your GREEN GAP and make more money! Watch the video below to find out how:

Three different types of investments the. OOLA guys taught me have helped me grow a passive pile. And it is SLOW guys, it is slow. But hey, first step first you've got a green gap!  You're already in a better spot than you were before! Now you can save, invest & have fun with your money!

Investment 1: stocks, bonds & mutual funds
Investment 2: real estate - investment property
Investment 3: business - begin to look. differently at the word business here - network marketing is a business investment that has blessed my life (and my bank account). Look at franchises, ATM's, vending machines, etc. Keep your eyes wide open when it comes to business investments.

And be consistent. Set yourself up with a monthly budget. Know exactly where your money is coming from and where it's going out to. My favorite free budgeting app is the Every Dollar app.  At first it will take time setting up your monthly income and expenses but with each month it gets easier and easier. The process is simple, but not always easy :) Everyone can do this!

To find out more about GREEN GAP click on through to the Green Gap challenge here.

As always, I am here for you and I want to see you excel in life!  Reach out if you need me, go get your GREEN GAP!

xoxo, Gwen