How to find complete happiness by embracing your weird

How to find complete happiness by embracing your weird
The moment, I started striving to be the weird one, my life became a lot more fun. 

Most people feel like they don't fit in, and that's okay. You are not alone! The world needs more "weird"
because we're the ones who see things differently

We're the ones who have an authentic voice that is unique to us, and inspires others to be themselves. Weird people change the world.

Let's talk about being weird, because if you're like me, you were probably taught to fit in, your whole life. Well, I'm going to help you simplify your life, by leading with your weird instead.

In junior high school, I was voted most unique. And it was not necessarily a compliment. I wore
big baggy JNCO jeans. Where are my HOT TOPIC shoppers at??? I had blue hair, and I had one of those chain wallets.....yup. Who created THAT fashion statement??

I remember my parents taking me to a family friend's bar mitzvah party. Now, I showed up to that party and I was feeling pretty good, right? In my JNCO jeans and baggy shirt. Chain wallet void of any money. And that was really proud of what I was wearing. I walked inside and I was in a room full of girls, dressed in dresses with their hair professionally done and makeup on. To say that I stood out like a sore thumb is an understatement. That was kind of the first time I realized I didn't "fit in".

Then I went onto high school. And from that point forward, I did my very best to fit in. Because I knew what it felt like to be the weird one. And at that point in time, I wasn't completely aware of being weird as a good feeling.

I starting dressing like everybody else. I joined a sports team, and signed up to go to college because that's just what you did. I had a boyfriend. Got married. We got a dog. We had a house. We checked all of society's boxes.

However, what I found in my life at that point is that I was bored. I was unfulfilled and I had no drive. I had no energy and no purpose. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I was not happy, and I needed to look at the possibility that being weird wasn't a bad thing. I nearly failed out of my first year of college and knew something wasn't working for me.

I began my journey of figuring out myself and what I truly wanted in life. I started to explore outside of the box. Who was I? What made me happy? What created joy in my life? What made me unique and weird? What did I want to do? Who did I want to spend my time with?

The more I explored my weirdness, the more fun I had and the more time I was able to create for myself. And what I realized along the way is that it wasn't what everyone else was doing, but that I was enjoying myself more than everybody else was.

So here's where I figured out how to "Marie Kondo" my life, how to find joy in being weird and being unique and embracing it to live your best life. And you know what? It's been the very best thing I could ever do.

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Remember to be YOU, and live a life you truly love.

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