Do I need a liver detox? Signs & symptoms your liver may be screaming for help

Do I need a liver detox? Signs & symptoms your liver may be screaming for help
Let's talk about the Liver on this #wellnessWednesday

My husband is a firefighter and I am well aware of the toxins he is exposed to on the daily and so is he but it's kind of one of those things that isn't talked about much. Well, it's talked about but no one ever talks about the daily things firefighters should be doing to stay healthy. 

Even a firefighter's "protective gear" is filled with toxins which is a catch-22 because it will keep them from burning in a fire, but also guess what happens when you are wearing this heavy gear in a fire, you're sweating and therefore your pores are wide open? Those toxins in the gear can easily enter the body through the skin. We don't even have to go into the toxins they breathe in.....ya'll know that's dangerous shit. 

So, we went to a new naturopath today and she reminded me that we should be paying more attention to my husband's liver and doing liver detoxes. She said "you've got to be so squeaky clean in everything you eat and do at home because what you're exposed to on the job is not good, and that's where the benefit of aromatherapy at home is going to be great for you. Even just diffusing daily you're already ahead of the game." OK great news! But I've never thought about doing a liver detox for him, so of course I had to research it. I'm hoping this helps you too, or someone you love.

So, let's chat about what the liver is and what it does so we can better understand it.
The liver is located under the right ribs below the diaphragm and is about the size of a football. Trivia: It's the largest gland in the body! 

What does the liver do? Well basically it helps flush toxins out of your system. It also has its own immune system (COOL!) that can aid in fighting off illnesses. But if it gets super duper gunked up and sluggish in performance, it won't function the way it's supposed to. Some believe that a poorly functioning liver could be the cause in a lot of the chronic illnesses we see today.  

This organ works very hard to filter out bugs like viruses and bacteria, as well as toxic heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. It also helps process and handle the things we eat, like fat, protein, pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Too much of any of these can weigh the liver down - even diets high in animal fat. These are just some of the things that can gunk it up, but the Medical Medium says there are hundreds of "liver troublemakers".

Ok so, what happens when the liver is not functioning properly? Metabolism will be negatively affected and there can be major hormonal imbalances in the body. This is just so interesting to me. It makes me think about the many friends who have had a hard time getting pregnant....could there be hormonal imbalances caused by a sluggish liver? What about those with migraines or chronic headaches.....? Are those things even addressed at regular doctors appointments?

Here are some other symptoms and signs you may need to (but I do believe we should be doing a cleanse twice a year):
-sensitivity to chemicals and odors
-bitter taste in mouth
-hemorrhoids or varicose veins
-consuming alcohol or recovering from alcohol abuse
-history of hepatitis
-history of drug abuse
-long term use of prescription meds or over the counter meds
-pain under the right rib cage
-aspartame consumption
-hormonal imbalances
-sugar imbalances (low or high)

So what do we do? Well there are many resources available (I've found) that address Liver detox.

The Ultimate Balance by LeAnne Deardeuff, DC  says that a yearly cleanse during the spring and summer months can help keep the liver healthy and clear of excess fats and toxins so it can function properly. I'm willing to bet those with jobs in which they are exposed to more toxins would require detoxing more often.

The Medical Medium has a whole book on the liver called 
Liver Rescue. 

We can also start with simple essential oils that are recommended for the liver like JuvaTone, ledum, lemon, grapefruit, coriander and emotional blends like Release, Surrender, Transformation and Forgiveness. Apply these over the liver, or on the vitaflex point for the liver or diffuse them daily. 

What we eat is uber important here too. Healing foods like celery juice daily, reducing fat intake, and making sure to drink plenty of water with lemon or lime, and tons of veggies. Another book I think everyone should read is Eat Right 4 Your Type a book about eating for your specific blood type, has been incredibly helpful for me in understanding the specific needs of my body.

When you are applying your essential oils, these are a few daily affirmations that will help:
I choose forgiveness.
I let go of past hurts and angers
I choose health and wholeness.
I am accountable for my actions and choices.
I am grateful for my teachers in my life.

Try saying them out loud or having them on a sticky note on your mirror to repeat daily.

I am not a liver expert nor am I a Naturopathic doctor. I am just a mom and a wife determined to live my best life but I am designed to do the work and the research and then turn around and bring it to you and I am here for that! I hope this is a helpful start to your health quest.



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