How to Have Better Time Management Skills

How to Have Better Time Management Skills
I hear this from women all the time, they are sick of being behind, being late, running out of time, not getting much done at home and at work.

They want to start a business, write a blog, create a product or change people's lives in some other way but feel like they don't have time. 

When it comes down to it, time management is one part of life that totally trips women up. We feel like we have to be in control of every single part of our life and I don’t know about you but for a while I believed if I didn’t do it, it wouldn’t get done correctly.

What you think is that you suck at time management, but what’s actually happening is you’re prioritizing too much and then thinking that you’ve failed because you couldn’t get it all done. And then every day feels like groundhog day, never getting ahead, never getting to those things you really want to do.

Let’s break down time management into super simple steps anyone can do to create more time for the things they want to do.

1. Make a list of the things you absolutely need to do, and another list that you can ask for help with. You MUST ask for help. You are not super woman and yes, while you and your spouse might make lunches differently, or clean differently, they both still get done. Allow other people to help you. Think carpooling, think meal planning, think cleaning and laundry and all the little things that take up extra space and time in your life that absolutely do not NEED to be done by you.

2. Make a list of your values and make sure what you’re doing daily reflects them. If you value time with your family, make sure you are prioritizing time with your family. If you value starting a side business, make sure you are prioritizing time to work on your business. If you're passionate about something, you must make time to do it.

3. Declutter your life. That means the space you work, the clothes you wear, the things you own. You will have less responsibilities keeping you from doing the things you truly want to once you get rid of things taking up that space. You are physically creating more space.

4. If your weeks are busy, figure out how you can take action to set yourself up for success. Can you meal plan on Sundays? Can you set out clothes for the week? What can you do to make the busier days less busy, freeing up your mind to work on things you love?

5. Oh and this goes without saying (or does it) but it's the things that most commonly get left behind - get good sleep, hydrate and treat your body well. You’ll have more energy to do the things you love!

You won’t ever get time back, it’s so important to do the things you love in your life because that will light you up. It will lead to a healthier happier you, healthier relationships, more fun and a life that can be enjoyed. Your dreams are important and no one else can or will live them like you can. It’s time to start making them come true.

self-doubt...what's wrong with me?

self-doubt...what's wrong with me?
the thing about self-doubt is that we've let someone else tell us how we should show up....

Learn How She Paid Off 25K In Debt In 5 Months

Learn How She Paid Off 25K In Debt In 5 Months
Is Debt weighing you down? It's time to cut the ropes. 

So listen, I came out of graduate school with $135,000 in student loans. Then we bought a house, a dog, and got married. If you ever look at what you'll pay in total when you're done paying off a loan it's really eye opening. Like really, really eye opening. I think it actually helps snap you into action LOL.

And I tried multiple times to pay down debt but never took it seriously. I wish I started right when I got out of school but I continued to make minimum payments for 10 years. I even did Dave Ramsey's program but never progressed. Always falling back into the same patterns/.

But what I want to share with you today is that you can start wherever you are! And wherever you are is just where you are, not who you are. So let's dive deep into how you can start paying down your debt quickly but doing a few simple things.

I'm going to show you exactly how I paid down $25,000 off my debt in five easy steps. It was so impactful that I got certified to teach it. Check it out:

Step one, money in versus money out.
Most of us don't know exactly where all of our money goes. If we can start tracking not only the big expenses, but the small ones too, we can start plugging the leaks a lot faster.

Step two, ID the gap.
This is basically subtracting your expenses from your income so that you can know whether you're above or below water.

Step three, maximize the gap.
This is where you focus on the activities that will increase your income and decrease your expenses.

Step four: 45, 45, 10.
After you've paid down all your essentials for the month, you're going to take what's leftover, put 45% towards your debt. 45% towards investments and 10% towards fun. This way you can maximize paying down your debt while still investing in the future and having fun.

Step five, repeat.
Because if you can create consistency, you'll create momentum. And you will be so surprised at how fast your debt starts to go down.

So if you're struggling with debt, but you also want to design your best life, check out our "Ditch Your Debt"  course where women just like you are ditching 1 debt in 30 days and then continuing to take what they learn and apply it to every debt they have. 



How to find complete happiness by embracing your weird

How to find complete happiness by embracing your weird
The moment, I started striving to be the weird one, my life became a lot more fun. 

Most people feel like they don't fit in, and that's okay. You are not alone! The world needs more "weird"
because we're the ones who see things differently

We're the ones who have an authentic voice that is unique to us, and inspires others to be themselves. Weird people change the world.

Let's talk about being weird, because if you're like me, you were probably taught to fit in, your whole life. Well, I'm going to help you simplify your life, by leading with your weird instead.

In junior high school, I was voted most unique. And it was not necessarily a compliment. I wore
big baggy JNCO jeans. Where are my HOT TOPIC shoppers at??? I had blue hair, and I had one of those chain wallets.....yup. Who created THAT fashion statement??

I remember my parents taking me to a family friend's bar mitzvah party. Now, I showed up to that party and I was feeling pretty good, right? In my JNCO jeans and baggy shirt. Chain wallet void of any money. And that was really proud of what I was wearing. I walked inside and I was in a room full of girls, dressed in dresses with their hair professionally done and makeup on. To say that I stood out like a sore thumb is an understatement. That was kind of the first time I realized I didn't "fit in".

Then I went onto high school. And from that point forward, I did my very best to fit in. Because I knew what it felt like to be the weird one. And at that point in time, I wasn't completely aware of being weird as a good feeling.

I starting dressing like everybody else. I joined a sports team, and signed up to go to college because that's just what you did. I had a boyfriend. Got married. We got a dog. We had a house. We checked all of society's boxes.

However, what I found in my life at that point is that I was bored. I was unfulfilled and I had no drive. I had no energy and no purpose. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I was not happy, and I needed to look at the possibility that being weird wasn't a bad thing. I nearly failed out of my first year of college and knew something wasn't working for me.

I began my journey of figuring out myself and what I truly wanted in life. I started to explore outside of the box. Who was I? What made me happy? What created joy in my life? What made me unique and weird? What did I want to do? Who did I want to spend my time with?

The more I explored my weirdness, the more fun I had and the more time I was able to create for myself. And what I realized along the way is that it wasn't what everyone else was doing, but that I was enjoying myself more than everybody else was.

So here's where I figured out how to "Marie Kondo" my life, how to find joy in being weird and being unique and embracing it to live your best life. And you know what? It's been the very best thing I could ever do.

To watch the full video, head on over to

And if you want to learn how to adapt your weird into your life and have more fun, just click the link below and join our free community, where women just like you are working on designing a life that they are truly in love with. I want that for you. I want that for the world! I just want you to find your true happiness and unapologetically LIVE IT OUTLOUD!

Remember to be YOU, and live a life you truly love.

To join our free community click here:


Stop waiting for others to appreciate this instead!

Stop waiting for others to appreciate this instead!
Are you constantly on the go? Cooking, doing laundry, in the pickup line, in the drop-off line,
doing 5 million things in between all of your other tasks in the day. Only to crash into bed at
midnight, with a Netflix binge? Is this you?

There are days when you feel so exhausted and drained that it is all you can do to get through the
day. Appreciation seems like a dream that will never come true. But what if we told you it was
possible? What if there was an easy way to start feeling more appreciated right now?

Two years ago, I was in my naturopath's office. My diagnosis? Adrenal fatigue. I had gone from
never crawling into bed at the same time with my husband, to binge watching Netflix series into
the late hours of the night and resenting my husband for not being there for me, but also not
asking for help. I felt like I was doing it all and all I wanted to be, was seen and heard and have
just a little tiny pat on the back.

My first step, was sitting in my naturopath's office, and she allowed me to see that I needed to
appreciate myself first.

It had to start with me, and I had to start asking for help and reconnecting with my husband, and
reconnecting with those that I loved, so that I could create a life that was based around my
values, and show up happy every single day. And once I appreciated myself, then that allowed
other people to appreciate me.

Start appreciating yourself, and you will reap all the benefits that come with it. It starts by just
taking care of yourself first in small ways like drinking more water or going for a walk to start
feeling better about your physical self - but then also asking for help from friends, family, and
allowing others the gift of helping you.

Thanks for reading. If you want to learn more about feeling appreciated, click the link below and
join our free community, where women just like you are working on designing a life that they are
truly in love with.


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