10 easy ways to make your life 1% better today

10 easy ways to make your life 1% better today
Let's chat about making life just 1% better every day.

I know 1% doesn't seem like much and it's not in the very moment, but compounding isn't just for finances!

Someone was asked "How did you achieve financial independence by such a young age?"

Their answer? I packed my lunch ever day.

See, in the moment, packing your lunch once won't get you to financial independence. But packing your lunch even just 200 days a year could save you $1000 a year. Invested it's even more! And not only that, you've created a new healthy habit.

If you're here, my guess is that you want to do something different with your life, you want to change it up. 

Maybe it's a new job, a new relationship, a new place to live, or just living differently.

Fact is, you'll never change your life until you take action on it daily. And when you focus on the practice not the performance, you're more likely to find enjoyment in it.

Here are a few ways to become 1% better and on your path to create life by design, not default: 

🤩 re-evaluate your friend circle and only keep those who push you to be better, support you and love you wholeheartedly.
🤩 start reading books about the things you want to accomplish. Increase your knowledge.
🤩 learn a new skill and practice it.
🤩 exercise - seriously, just 15-20 minutes of exercise will boost your mood and your mindset.
🤩 write down your goals (with dates to achieve them by)
🤩 take one action step daily towards reaching those goals.
🤩 have fun - smile every day.
🤩 start a healthy morning routine - don't check e-mails or social media until later in the morning.
🤩 reduce clutter - both physically and mentally.
🤩 create a budget - healthy finances = healthier relationships with self and others.

Last but not least, practice believing in yourself daily. Affirmations, gratitude journaling and the like are so powerful, especially when compounded over time.

What will you start with today?


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work less, accomplish more

work less, accomplish more
Wouldn't it be great if you could work less and accomplish more? Like duh, yes!

If you're like me, you probably love crossing things off your to-do list, but sometimes that sense of accomplishment can be fleeting and exhausting.

So if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, let me show you how I get the most out of my day without wasting time:

Step one: Brain Dump.
This is a technique that has been used by many creative thinkers to get their thoughts and ideas down on paper in the most unrestrained way possible. Write it all down until you can't write anymore.

Step two: Organize.
This is a process called chunking, where you're looking at your items to see if anything is related. Can you put them into categories, like, these things belong to my children and my family, these items belong to my household chores etc.

Think about how can you make the process easier to group them together, so you know what to do first.

Step three: Prioritize.
When you look at your categories, can you star the items that are absolute musts?

These have to get done. Where some of the items are “shoulds” and can be put in a container to do later on.

It can be hard to prioritize when there are so many items on your list. When you see those must-do tasks, make sure they get done before anything else!

Step Four, Delegate.
This is where, looking at your list of tasks to do, you should ask yourself whether or not the task needs to be done by you personally and cannot be delegated in any way shape or form. So many things in our day can be delegated to others to take a little off our plate, things like laundry & food shopping. You'll likely have to release the need for perfection here (aka someone else will not do it exactly the same as you, but it will get done and that's all that matters).

Step Five: Be prepared.
This is simply knowing what needs to be done the next day.

This is the last step before you go to bed. Spend a few minutes thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow and plan out your day accordingly so that when it's time for work, you're already ahead of schedule with no worries!

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Encouraging you to be you and live the life you truly love!


self-doubt...what's wrong with me?

self-doubt...what's wrong with me?
the thing about self-doubt is that we've let someone else tell us how we should show up....

How to find complete happiness by embracing your weird

How to find complete happiness by embracing your weird
The moment, I started striving to be the weird one, my life became a lot more fun. 

Most people feel like they don't fit in, and that's okay. You are not alone! The world needs more "weird"
because we're the ones who see things differently

We're the ones who have an authentic voice that is unique to us, and inspires others to be themselves. Weird people change the world.

Let's talk about being weird, because if you're like me, you were probably taught to fit in, your whole life. Well, I'm going to help you simplify your life, by leading with your weird instead.

In junior high school, I was voted most unique. And it was not necessarily a compliment. I wore
big baggy JNCO jeans. Where are my HOT TOPIC shoppers at??? I had blue hair, and I had one of those chain wallets.....yup. Who created THAT fashion statement??

I remember my parents taking me to a family friend's bar mitzvah party. Now, I showed up to that party and I was feeling pretty good, right? In my JNCO jeans and baggy shirt. Chain wallet void of any money. And that was really proud of what I was wearing. I walked inside and I was in a room full of girls, dressed in dresses with their hair professionally done and makeup on. To say that I stood out like a sore thumb is an understatement. That was kind of the first time I realized I didn't "fit in".

Then I went onto high school. And from that point forward, I did my very best to fit in. Because I knew what it felt like to be the weird one. And at that point in time, I wasn't completely aware of being weird as a good feeling.

I starting dressing like everybody else. I joined a sports team, and signed up to go to college because that's just what you did. I had a boyfriend. Got married. We got a dog. We had a house. We checked all of society's boxes.

However, what I found in my life at that point is that I was bored. I was unfulfilled and I had no drive. I had no energy and no purpose. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I was not happy, and I needed to look at the possibility that being weird wasn't a bad thing. I nearly failed out of my first year of college and knew something wasn't working for me.

I began my journey of figuring out myself and what I truly wanted in life. I started to explore outside of the box. Who was I? What made me happy? What created joy in my life? What made me unique and weird? What did I want to do? Who did I want to spend my time with?

The more I explored my weirdness, the more fun I had and the more time I was able to create for myself. And what I realized along the way is that it wasn't what everyone else was doing, but that I was enjoying myself more than everybody else was.

So here's where I figured out how to "Marie Kondo" my life, how to find joy in being weird and being unique and embracing it to live your best life. And you know what? It's been the very best thing I could ever do.

To watch the full video, head on over to https://youtu.be/YG7ZrVACB94

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Remember to be YOU, and live a life you truly love.

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