The perfect money plan....
Funny story.....

A few weeks back I posted a REEL about finances on instagram from inside my jeep.

A person commented "What's it like to take money advice from a girl who drives a $30,000 jeep?"

Thankfully I've grown out of the phase where I would cower in the corner and wonder what was wrong with my post or even consider taking it down.

Instead I replied back and said "What's it like to comment on someone's life choices when you don't know the whole story?"

Because here's the thing - authenticity is kind of my thing. I take my friends and family and followers on my journey with me. 

And my people know that the only reason I'm here teaching others how NOT to mess up their finances is because I messed mine up and learned how to get out. And I knew that there were many more women like me who needed guidance and help.

In 'Money, baby!' we already have women who have paid down massive amounts of debts (I'm talking paid off 3+ credit cards), bought a home for the first time, opened up their first investment portfolio, signed up for their retirement match at work, know exactly how much they need in retirement and how to get there, and figured out how to use their HSA as another investment tool.

The thing about life is that we have the opportunity to learn from our missteps (I don't believe in mistakes) or not. We have the opportunity to re-evaluate and choose a different path if we didn't like where the last path led us.

So don't let anyone knock your choices. Don't let people who have no idea about your life tell you what you should or shouldn't do. The absolute best thing you can do is to listen to your gut - your body will tell you what to do. 

So the fact that I drive a "$30,000 jeep" has nothing to do with the effortless money plans I help women create and step into. I have to wonder if the commenter focused more of their time on their own money choices, they wouldn't feel so inclined to comment on mine.

If you want to learn from someone who's been down and gotten out with a simple strategy, I'd love to see if 'Money, baby!' is a fit for you! Shoot me a message and let's chat....



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