Learn How She Paid Off 25K In Debt In 5 Months
Is Debt weighing you down? It's time to cut the ropes. 

So listen, I came out of graduate school with $135,000 in student loans. Then we bought a house, a dog, and got married. If you ever look at what you'll pay in total when you're done paying off a loan it's really eye opening. Like really, really eye opening. I think it actually helps snap you into action LOL.

And I tried multiple times to pay down debt but never took it seriously. I wish I started right when I got out of school but I continued to make minimum payments for 10 years. I even did Dave Ramsey's program but never progressed. Always falling back into the same patterns/.

But what I want to share with you today is that you can start wherever you are! And wherever you are is just where you are, not who you are. So let's dive deep into how you can start paying down your debt quickly but doing a few simple things.

I'm going to show you exactly how I paid down $25,000 off my debt in five easy steps. It was so impactful that I got certified to teach it. Check it out:

Step one, money in versus money out.
Most of us don't know exactly where all of our money goes. If we can start tracking not only the big expenses, but the small ones too, we can start plugging the leaks a lot faster.

Step two, ID the gap.
This is basically subtracting your expenses from your income so that you can know whether you're above or below water.

Step three, maximize the gap.
This is where you focus on the activities that will increase your income and decrease your expenses.

Step four: 45, 45, 10.
After you've paid down all your essentials for the month, you're going to take what's leftover, put 45% towards your debt. 45% towards investments and 10% towards fun. This way you can maximize paying down your debt while still investing in the future and having fun.

Step five, repeat.
Because if you can create consistency, you'll create momentum. And you will be so surprised at how fast your debt starts to go down.

So if you're struggling with debt, but you also want to design your best life, check out our "Ditch Your Debt"  course where women just like you are ditching 1 debt in 30 days and then continuing to take what they learn and apply it to every debt they have. 




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